• Q&A with Bailey

    Bailey Roberts is a fellow Maui girl who now lives in Brooklyn, NY.  Her photos have long inspired us and so we were thrilled for this opportunity!  Enjoy...

    Tell me about your choice of model?  Who is she?

    The model in the shoot is Bree Warren. She's an Aussie and a fellow surfer.  We met about a year and a half ago while I had a brief stint modeling and we were represented by the same agency.  I always gravitated towards Bree because I related to her stature and her lifestyle.  As a photographer I always try to stay conscious of the message I present via the people I choose to photograph - for me, Bree communicates the power of a confident, strong, athletic girl.  She was the perfect fit for the narrative of the shoot.

    Explain how you developed the theme of the shoot.
    I started training Muay Thai about a year ago.  Being involved in the sport has really enriched my life and sense of self in incredible ways and I became inspired to create images about that confidence and that strength.
    What do you look for in choosing activewear?
    Something that doesn't fall off. It is actually surprisingly hard to find activewear that stays in place and doesn't interfere with your movement. This is one of the things I love about OA, the separate elastic bands really keep the leggings up and the sports bras in place, very important.
    Where was this location? Why did you choose it?
    This location is in Bedstuy in Brooklyn. We shot it outdoors in front of an old hand ball court.  The desire to shoot here was lead by a combination of aesthetics and feeling.  I felt that the grit and urban quality of the location really amplified the feel of what its like to train and the sentiment of a fighter. 
    What is your favorite work out? Did this play into your interest in the shoot?
    I love to surf and I love to train Muay Thai - both of these sports have taught me how crucial my strength is to being able to do the things I love so I wanted to make images that celebrated that.
    Thank you Bailey and Bree!!
    Photographer:  Bailey Roberts
    Model:  Bree Warren
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